Al Gore’s Real Prize

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Al Gore won not just the Nobel Peace Prize this last week but also another perhaps more valuable award – king/queen maker for the Democratic presidential nomination. Of course Al is not going to enter the presidential race; but who he endorses among the Democratic candidates now has even greater coin.

Al Gore is being credited justifiably as being a visionary communicator. Reaching back into the early 1990’s Al has been championing energy conservation and climate/environmental controls. President Bush Sr. found it necessary to label him “Ozone Man” back then. His books An Inconvenient Truth and The Attack on Reason have been well ahead of the curve in addressing with candor two key issues facing the American body politic. And he has used and risked great sums of his own fortune to bring his environmental message forward.

True enough, Gores passion, pride and pomposity earn him both plaudits and pans. And there can be no doubt he gets the Republican Swift-boaters out in pitbull attack mode very quickly. However, Al’s own self deprecation on spots on Saturday Night Live and The John Stewart Show demonstrate his own mollifying awareness of the sentiment.

So the Endorsement Coin probably has a depreciating value. But this observer thinks that if it is deployed by mid December, just before the big blitz-and-then-over early Presidential Primaries in January to February 5th – it can have a swing impact on the Democratic nomination. Will two men of the South get together?

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