John Edwards Endorsement

The Democratic party over the weekend discovered that the Clinton’s a) have no chance to win the delegate count; b)will continue to wage an increasingly destructive and internecine campaign that will inflict increasingly serious damage on the part; and c)Bill Clinton is willing to trade being Presidential to being a Peerles Campaigner” any time, day or year – regardless of the consequences.

Two people have the power to stop this.

Al Gore and John Edwards. And I think that John Edwards has a better chance for 3 reasons. First, John Edwards was the populist candidate that was championing the middle class and the blue collar workers that have been economically devastated for the past 6-10 years  through globalization and rapid change in the industries they used to work in; Second, John Edwards is a man of the South who would be able to speak for a lot voting groups that are in play in the upcoming Democratic primaries. And third, John Edwards has  18 delegates, not a lot, but  symbolically more than enough to put an end to this Democratic self-flagellation.

Hope John does not take the 5th on this one.

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