John McCain

Since the likliehood of the US electorate being hoodwinked a third time in Presidential elections is a dead-heat possibility , I have to look at John McCain and Sarah Palin and see if there is sustainng substance that will make their possible election something more than a repeat of George Bush.  The going is very gruff and unwelcome.First, Sarah Palin does not inspire sustaining trust. She appear to be doctrinaire “your on my side or the highway”. Worse she appears to have acquiesced to  and worked to sustain the Republican political makeover artists. Finally, <u>even influential Republican thinkers find Mme Palin simply unready to become President</u>.See here for some heavyweight  Republican pundits views.See here for Republican Senator Chuck Hagel’s viewpoint.More disturbing is the take on John McCain by Time’s  Joe Klein, a fairly prudent observer of the political scene for Time magazine (See Jonthan Alter’s confirmation article in Newsweek September 22 2008, page 41). Joe Klein sustains the impression that Stephen Colbert and I have picked up on John McCain in the latest portion of the campaign  – he has invested completely in the Republican “any end justifies the means” attacks on his opponents.   Integrity be damned, it worked for Bush against him in the 2000 South Carolina primaries, so lay on MacDuff. This Obama is not worth my Service to Country – and so in war, all is fair. Afterwords I may choose to reconcile. And so goes into ruin, the Straight-talking, Integrity brand of John McCain. Not a good sign at all for either the country or the man.

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