Palin Really for President

In a daring but also partisan fear-laden column, Frank Rich advances the notion that Sarah Palin is doing a Dick Cheney to the McCain-Palin campaign. She and her handlers are providing the more energetic thrusts and are now, de facto,  steering the McCain campaign. And the Republican elites, who are on notice from the Maverick McCain that he is going to change Washington (Republican dominated Washington) – would like nothing better than to have a malleable VP Maverick become President – sort of like how Dick Cheney handled  for George Bush the tough behind the scenes policy making  and decisions on the Iraq War, energy, Justice department changes and other key conservative decisions.

In effect, if the Republican political elites  can’t control the Presidency immediately, they would have their election-winning Palin  voice carrying the key messages on how things should go. And then God forbid – but all it takes is medical incapacity for a transfer of power to Palin the President.

As I noted at the outset this smacks of TV’s  24 Hours and one of its berserker plots. But one has to admit  that Art does imitate life  as Wesley Snipes’ Passenger 57 movie from 1992 had its real life  denouement in September 2001.

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