Still the President for 200 Days

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show gets laughs by referring to Still the President. But the situation is no longer a laughing matter. Still the  President has teamed up with the Republicans in the Senate to veto bills almost indiscriminately. This means that the  51 vote majorities have to be increased to 60 to get a bill over the Presidential veto.  So Still the President, making “I-am-a-Uniter-not-Divider” partisan mischief, has suddenly found fiscal financial constraint and has vetoed 5 times as many bills as in the previous 6 years of Still Being the President. However, the maneuvers may have backfired already as byelections and primary contests find incumbent Congressmen, primarily Republicans, getting turfed.

But as pointed out in my story on HowDo You Rebuke and Reprimand the President, Still the President has demonstrated a capacity for great mischief in power. Worse, the latest pronouncements from the Still the President such as being able to settle the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, get an agreement on a  Global Warming Treaty, and solving the Energy Crisis by Opening up offshore and environmentally protected areas to oil drilling indicate a near delusional estimate of his own power and credibility. This story of great manipulation of government bureaucrats and procedures demonstrates just how badly this administration can FUBAR things in order to satisfy and/or pay-off its Base and Political  Fundgivers. So now the mission for both  Republicans, before  Still the President absolutely destroys their Brand, and Democrats  is How Do You Contain, Control, and Limit the Damage Done by Still the  President for 200 more days.

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