Still President for 200 Days

On the Jon Stewart Daily Show, Jon consistently gets laughs by referring to the Still President for “nnn” Days. The problem is that it is no laughing matter as President Bush and his colleagues in the Senate particularly continue to wield power and obstruction. The Presidential veto used only 2 times in the previous 6 years in office suddenly along with suddeen allegiance to Fiscal Responsibility has become the President’s favorite tactic. Of course that changes the ball game, and forces the Democrats to find not 51 votes but 60 votes to get any legislation passed. Then Republicans can claim it is a do nothing Congress.

However, recent Congressional by-election results may have changed that tactic – as Congressional incumbent, primarily Republican have been taking a beating at the polls. But this tactic may have been altered by recent “compromises” on a GI Bill, War Funding, and FISA provisions among others. However, the Still President has proven that his capacity for execising rogue, nearly-imperial Power has not dissipated and so stories like this one on dealing with Iraq Oil contracts has the likelihood  of increasing over the next few months.

Thus, our story How do you Rebuke and Reprimand a President ? might be better changed to How Do You Contain and Control a President Who Thinks He Can Solve the Israeli-Palestine Problem, Turn on a Dime and Get a Solution for Global Warming Carbon Emissions, and Believes Opening-up Offshore and Environmentally Protected Areas to Oil Drilling is the solution to the Oil’s Runaway Price Inflation. These are dangerous time with a Still President showing distinctly delusional signs as he rushes to solve the Mideast, North Korea, Domestic Financial Crisis, and other problems in piecemeal fashion.

My gosh – even John McCain will be a marked improvement over “W”.

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