After the VP Debate

After the VP debate, it is becoming obvious that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are shaping up to win a landslide victory in the Presidential election. Despite  doing much better than in the Katie Couric interviews, Governor Palin simply could not deflect (and almost every time switched the subject) on  Joe Biden’s telling criticisms of John McCain’s support of the Iraq War, tax concessions to the wealthy, flawed healthcare plan, and shortsighted votes against measures for Energy independence. Further, Biden tied McCain to Bush policies in Iraq, on economics, and on energy independence – speaking of toxic assets. Finally, I still do know what concrete programs and policies McCain-Palin will take to clean up Washington other than some action on earmarks and what actions would be taken on “predatory lenders and greedy Wall Streeters”. I know John McCain and Sarah Palin intend to do something … but exactly what was certainly not spelled out in the debate although Governor Palin was given the opportunity. See here for details including the debates complete transcripts. So barring a tremendous upheaval, expect a 55-58% victory for Obama-Biden in November.

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