Economic Populism References

Globalization and widening income inequality/disparity in the US appear to be driving events in the US Presidential election. Lest the debate get lost in shades of gray or deliberate ambiguities let me offer a list of helpful and clear writing on the nature of the events.
IMF – the strategic view
UofFlorida Globalization Booklist – an immense, varied list of dozens of good books
Reviews of Books – by Cato Institute, distinctly pro-trade but still broad set
The World is Flat – NYTimes review of Tom Friedman’s 2nd Globalization book
Globalization Articles – a broad and interesting set of articles

US Income Inequality Trends:
Federal Reserve bank of San Francisco – trends driving increased inequality
Heritage Foundation – sees income inequality as overstated ignoring top 1% effect
Princeton/RussellSage – Stats on income, GDP growth under Presidential Parties
The Economist – concedes inequality is increasing but says enjoyment is flattening
NYU/Levy Institute – looks at wealth as well as income trends
Business Week – the rich get much richer
Wall Street Journal – looks for a better measure of inequality
Books – Economic Inequality and Income

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