TV’s Serial Killers

There is a TV show that a lot of friends are trying to get me to watch. Its Durham, about a serial killer in Durham Ontario on the Showcase channel. Despite the upscale action and attractive cinematography, I have no interest in it. I am tired of serial killers on TV’s many Justice Is Rendered shows posing as the Law and Order Bunch or the teeming banality and hideousness of CSI/Science Gets Their Man/Woman/Child any which way how – give me a Prison Break everytime.

I don’t want to see Justice Gets Done in the space of  1 hour(oops,  less 4 to 5 3-minute commercials – so in 45 to 48 minutes). I don’t want to engage in the deep wish that it should be, can be and is done .  Its all a myth. TV Junk food. I think serial killers are thriving. In politics for sure where The Politics of Fear and the Repeated Lie Becomes the Truth are resplendent on the national scene.  Blatant Bloodshed on the Waning Stock of Civility. And not just in the US.

Serial Killers in the form of white collared Gutters of the Imperial Greed have absolutely devastated US and even world capital markets – and now they are a)getting off Scott Free and b)getting the hated government to bail them out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. This type of serial killing has a name – its called Raiding the Commons, Moral Hazard or Never Give the Public Dupes an Even Break. Its a Laughs a Billion crime scene.

And then there are the serial killers  of the intellect. These are those who do not argue that Global Warming is Not Happening  or that Poverty is not becoming Epidemic; but rather  attempt to smother the uncovering of what is unfolding with a Smoking-is-Not-Harmful campaign of targeted misinformation . And Hell can count the dozens of ways these Deviants kill any  inquiry they wish to assassinate. They are like malignancies – their ends justifying their any means.

And on and on I could go dissecting yet another social parasite become serial in their killing. But this theme  is becoming too common – threadbare and trite. Yet the underlying concern is that Jane Jacobs may have been closer to the truth of an approaching Dark Age than expected. It is possible that the TV view gets lost,  lost along with civility, trust and even the memory of what and how we were .

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