Greedy Parable

The NYTimes has a story on the Bernard Madoff $50Billion Ponzi scheme that has wreaked havoc among the wealthy in New York this Christmas. Fittingly the story title is :

For Investors, Trust Lost, and Money Too

Maddof’s doing to his posh investors is but a reflection of what US Finance and Wall Street has done to USĀ  and World Economies as well. Small consolation – and perhaps just a glancing commentary on Fiduciary Trust and its status in a Masters of the Universe world of finance.

3 thoughts on “Greedy Parable”

    1. Simone –

      The more I contemplate this scebne the more I see Machiavellian Manipulation by Madoff. Here has steered moneys to scret places, and his managed to keep most of his “friends and family” out of suspicion. And untill convicted got to saty in his Penthouse.

      Only in America does $65Billion crime of such evil pay so handsomely

  1. That changed on the weekend of the the 14-15th of March – as the family Madoff madly schemes to keep the hoarded fortune out of reach of investors and government alike. The whole confession is a sham – a delay to allow Madoff clan to get Money laundered.

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