Why Markets May Take a Big Fall in June

Business Week has four excellent articles about the current economic trends that indicate the US Economy and Recovery could take a big fall in June:

Oil Prices Resist the Worlds Recession – why oil prices will lead stagflation
June 1st update:oil prices are up 6% from when this was written

Why a GM Bankruptcy Would Be a Disaster – why GM and the ailing economy will not survive bankruptcy.
June 1st update:
Chrysler appears to emerging swiftly from bankruptcy
June 1st update: Obama announcement controls doomsayers
June 9th update: Supreme Court derails fast Chrysler bankruptcy

The Great Ethanol Scam – how the Economic engine for US technology has been derailed
June 8th update – Business Week’s Innovation Interrupted article supports  notion

Treasurys fall further ahead of auctions – US Treasuries are seeing greater weakness before $101B auction this week
June 2nd update: Still grim view from pundits – Treasuries will be hard to sell

If  any two or more of these factors go wrong in the next week or two, look for the stock markets and consumer confidence to be nipped in the Spring budding.

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