Banksters – a Defintion

‘Banksters’ is a term seen increasingly in the Blogosphere. It is used to describe the top executives at the “Too Big To Fail” banks and financial institutions. By alliteration, it suggests that these people are gangster-like. Let see if the shoe fits.
1)The Banksters are all in some form of financial business.
2)The Banksters are from a small group of about 20-25 financial institutions which have such an impact on the economy they cannot be allowed to fail – as in 2007-2009.
3)Banksters are constantly in touch with each other. Although ostensibly competitors, they have also acted uniformly as evidence by their routing their political campaign and lobbying to the tune of $500 Million through a very similar profile of recipients.
4)Banksters have been offering ever more widespread tax evasion services while publicly proclaiming it as immoral yet doing it themselves – [a], [b], [c], [d], [e], [f], [g], [h], [i].
5)The Banksters are willing to allow thousands of legitimate smaller banks and financial institutions suffer the collateral damage of having the whole financial community’s reputations be tainted andĀ  besmirchedĀ  with consequent loss of fiduciary trust due to the Banksters own deviant deeds and rising unpopularity. In short, the Banksters have no shame about shaming the whole financial community.
6)The banksters would not rescue two of their failing comrades [Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers] despite the consequences to the whole World Economy. Instead they had designs on carving them up and urged letting them go under – a week after Lehman the whole world was standing at the abyss of a Huge Financial Meltdown.
7)The Banksters have used campaign contributions totaling $500 million in 2008 alone as insurance, protection money against full prosecutions and general political influence peddling activities in Washington.
8)The Banksters made very big over-leveraged and high risk bets and lost but got away Scott Free with taxpayers dollars and no prosecutions for wrong doing.
Hmmm if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a Banker + Gangster = Bankster. Read what the the Brits have to say for the last word on Banksters.

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