Jane’s Walk 2010

Jane’s Walk is one of those best-ideas-since-Peanut-Butter events. Very simply people go for a walk on the weekend of May 1-2  in 25 cities in the US or 35 cities in Canada or 2 cities [so far] in Europe. Yes, a walk – a free guided tour  telling the history of an urban area including geography, architecture, peoples, businesses coming and going and all sorts of  facts about a neighborhood. The walks typically last a half more than an hour. Here is one:

Jane’s Walks, like “eh”, are a gift from Canada and Jane Jacobs to the World. These walks  are about seeing things from the inside out.  I personally take curiosity, camera and civility  along and have a great time. Here are a few images from a Jane’s Walk in downtown Toronto near the Grange.

The Spring colors were out in full force

I discovered precious cargo – a great vinyl record shop

The Spring flowers inspired new Color Weavings

In short, a Jane Walk always brings a surprise or two, an insight or two about what matters, and a new friend or two. Who could ask for more?