Money Talks Disproportionately

Just in case Messieurs Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Thomas , and ” LaScalia” need a reminder, here is telling evidence that Money Talks Disproportionately [oh and another reminder, 5% of the US population of have 67% of its Wealth]. James Pethokoukis describes in  Agents of Influence on BreakingViews,  how successful the Too-Big- Too-Fail-Banks  lobbying has been against any effective Financial Reforms on Wall Street.

US Financial Reform:America’s big banks aren’t being broken up. Nor does it appear there will be strict new limits on their activities. And while lenders may have to cope with a new consumer regulator; its power and scope is evanescing daily. If there is any group from Wall Street deserving of fat bonuses this year it’s the industry’s lobbyists in Washington. The banks smartly recognized regulatory reform was inevitable after the greatest financial meltdown since the Great Depression. So rather than try to stop it, the industry helped mold and massage any changes into a shape it could tolerate. And early indications from Congress suggest they have been [very] been successful.

Now what is even more riveting is the fact that most of these Money Talks Successes were achieved well before a)Scott Brown insured filibuster power for the Republicans in the Senate and b)the 5 Supremes above deigned that Money Could Talk with Uninhibited Dis-proportionality. Sounds like Bananas to me – Banana Republic.

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