Fearless World Cup Semi-final Forecasts

Forecasting as Larry Summers and the other members of the US Economic team have learned is a very risky business. Eight percent unemployment rate by this time with TARP fund assistance. No worry about a double dip recession. So fearless and without further to-do, here are Takethe5th’s World Cup forecasts for the Semifinals:

Netherlands 2 Uruguay 1

Too much of Uruguay’s talent is on the sidelines due to cards. Forlan cannot do it by himself. The Dutch, with Kuyt, Robben, Van Persie and Shneyter have too much fire power. It will not be a cake walk but also should not be a penalty kick victory either.

Germany 3 Spain 2

This scoreline is subject to reversal if Fernando Torres gets out of his Wayne Rooney suit and finally starts to score.  But see this astute assessment of German play so far in the World Cup in Vanity Fair. Already, Germany has frustrated an offensive and skilled passing team in Argentina; so they should be able to do it again, unless the raging bull that is Torres scores a goal or two.

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