Iran To Execute $Billion Bank Fraudsters

NYTimes headline –  Iran Sentences Four to Death Over $2.6 Billion Bank Fraud. Hmmmmm – Sharia or Islamic Law has more bite on white collar crime than in the US. This is the number one  festering  financial problem in the World. The top ranks  of the Financial community in the US,and all the developed world, appear to believe they a)have no fiduciary trust obligations to their Muppets … uhhh clients; b)are above the law in cases of financial fraud and misdealing; or c)can bend the laws, regulations and Justice  to their will  with legal manoeuvring and straight out lobbbying or campaign funding bribes that turn Justice in their  favour. Irony of ironies, only  Islamic Iran can turn the fear of God on in the  Financial Banksters.

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