Why Wimbledon Outclasses the USOpen

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One can see why Wimbledon is the number one tennis Grand Slam match.
First, there is the history – no small matter. Second there are the carefully manicured grass courts. Third by putting a retractable roof over its Centre Court, Wimbledon has guaranteed that  their quarter final to final matches on both the mens and womans sides  will be played in equitable conditions. Finally, the Wimbledon organizers work religiously to provide the tennis players with fair and equal treatment during the draws and last rounds of the tournament. Not so in the recent USOpen, where in an irony British player Andy Murray was twice given clear and unfair advantages by the USTA in the semi-finals and finals.

Others agree with this blog that the semi-final game between Tomas Berdych and Andy Murray that should never have been played on Saturday in tumultuous tornado fired winds. If both semi-final matches had been moved to Sunday, this would have put both semi-finalists on the same rest pattern. But as it turned out  the other scheduled semi-final, between David Ferrer and Novak Djokovich, was postponed after one set and moved to Sunday. So as even Andy Murray admitted, he had the advantage in the  final because he had 2 days rest while Novak Djokovic had only one-day before the final. And sure enough rest was  a factor. In the final set with Murray, muscle cramps plagued Novak Djokovic  in an otherwise very close match.

Too bad for tennis that the USTA made the decidely wrong calls – first the overall scheduling and second in not giving both semi-finalists and finalists the equal footing in their matches. And so Wimbledon will easily be the Class of Grand Slam Tennis for years to come.

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