The NYTimes Pontificates on Global Warming

Sunday’s readers were treated to a NYTimes Editorial Board Grand Pontification.

The news that atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, the most important global warming gas, have hit 400 parts per million for the first time in millions of years increases the pressure on President Obama to deliver on his pledges to limit this country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Really?! – done in the style of Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers and Amy Pohler.
Glad to see that NYTimes Editorial Board has paved the way for getting action in this Congress by helping to control the GOP lynch mobs that are determined to show that Obama is worse  as President than his predecessor , is  an unrepentant socialist, and  is foisting  so-called “unworkable policies” with draconian regulations upon the public.

Really?! – good to see that the NYTimes commits the sin of burying its climate change stories three levels deep in the menus and then asks rhetorically in one of those buried climate change stories “Scientists agree overwhelmingly on global warming, why doesn’t the public know that?“. Why not Global Warming as a front page topic in the top lefthand menu equal to Business and Science? Why not a permanent Climate Change Section that shows 1)the major causes, 2)the major contributors by country to CO2  and how they have changed yearly for the past 10 years, then 20 years ago, and  ten 40 years ago? Why not feature in the same permanent pages a summary of the major climate change technologies -solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, etc versus the cost. Then give readers an updated picture of whats changing in these major CO2 containment strategies. I want the NYTimes to be a one stop spot for the status of climate change. Do  that and I will subscribe in a flash.

Really?! – There is not enough problems on the President’s plate  like gun reform, GITMO, Immigration Reform, Infrastructure programs, Budget and Deficit Ceilings, Syria/Iran/Pakistan/North Korea etc, etc. Oh and the President is working with a GOP Congress that is willing from President Obama’s first inauguration, to obstruct  defeat, and otherwise sabotage almost all his policies and programs. The President is still waiting for first term judicial appointments, many key cabinet and regulatory posts, plus  executive policies to be approved by Congress. Does the NYTimes help the public keep tabs on their Do Nothing GOP dominated Congress with a spreadsheet of what is pending. Ahhh, in the spirit of the GOP ….NO!

Really?! – we are told that US corporates are changing their positions on climate change. Really? Does the NYTimes provide a spreadsheet of the current major corporations, how much they spend opposing vs promoting climate change and what their current positions are? No!

Really?! – Climate change is a global problem so do we have a NYTimes spreadsheet showing the status of climate change policy and spending in the OECD, BRIC and OPEC countries? Guess what…No! Just piecemeal stories and reports.

So Really! Until the NYTimes gets off its petard and really supports Climate Change in its pages – it will be like most major news media today: part of the problem, not part of the solution. Really, the problem of climate change will be non-partisan, catastrophic and in the very near future – will NYTimes be a leader or just Pontificators?

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