Eliot Spitzer IV : David Letterman on Whoring

Last night on David Letterman Tonight Show David crossed the line. Apparently if you intimate going out with hookers or hint of whoring around then it may be okay to do it. But certainly such “nudge, nudge, wink, winking” appears to allow you to be judge, jury and executioner on others who may do it.

Now lets be clear – David was well in-bounds the first time he called for Spitzer’s resignation. And David’s top ten list of Eliot Spitzer Excuses and other jokes are still within comedic cover and Spitzer’s own buffoonery. But then to make Spitzer’s resignation a continuing rant throughout the show and David crossed over his Rue-bicon.

David tried to enlist guest Martha Stewart, “victim” of the Spitzer-like financial prosecutions, into denouncing Spitzer. To his chagrin, Martha would not join in. Instead they delayed even doing the usual cooking fun, instead devoting all the time to David’s attempts to get Martha to Roast Spitzer.

And therein lies the tale – David Letterman showed not an ounce of leavening on the personal tragedy that was unfolding. Such vindictiveness stained the man and his show.

Ironic update and perhaps a insight into his own revulsion a year later, Letterman had to admit to several extra-marital affairs.

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