Eliot Spitzer: The Case of the Johns

Now that New York has replaced one wife cheating governor with another, the prosecution of the johns in the Emperor’s Club case takes on new dimensions. How can the attorneys who have taken the liberty to reveal Spitzer as a John then leave at least 50 other johns unrevealed and unprosecuted ? Well one answer pro-offered is that Spitzer may not be prosecuted. See here for that Twist of the scales of Justice.

But I am still wondering if this Spitzer case has equal parts of internecine legal warfare (the Feds attorneys and regulators are tired of New York and other State attorneys taking on Federal cases that they have “abandoned”), revenge of the Wall Street community (Spitzer was target number one here) and political partisanship(Republican attorneys spill the beans to the NYTimes and take down a high profile Democratic governor). See here for confirmation.

Now Eliot Spitzer was a fool; but Federal Justice, already crumbling on its reputation, is fooling with its core credibility in its failure to prosecute all the johns. Not a very good sign of the times. Is Half Justice good enough for the Feds ? Really, make that a Fifth of Justice.

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