The Windows 8 Touchscreen Fumble

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Bamboo Stylus works with only 5 Win8 PCs

This reviewer has been praising  Windows 8 for being the first PC Client OS vendor to bring full touchscreen operations to their OS . It started with Windows 7 getting partial support and then Windows 8 with full touchscreen capabilities. Now as  Web devloper who does lots of fullscreen debugging, project management sheet and graphic entries, constant Photoshop edits and spreadsheet work – touchscreen operations make me very much more productive. And that is using a a primitive rubberized nib stylus.

So I have been in the market for a  much improved pressure sensitive stylus. And with Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus Feel for the Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 and Windows 8 & tablets it appears a better solution solution was at hand. With $39.99 to Amazon and prompt weekend delivery I had the Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel and now an opportunity to test the stylus with my new Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro software on a 7 month old Acer Aspire Windows 8 machine with Intel core3 CPU, 8GB of memory and 650GB of   hard drive space.

Already productive with touchscreen operations, the Bamboo stylus with pressure sensitive control and much tighter nib should really increase productivity, BZZZZt.

Oops when I get the Bamboo Stylus I discover it only works with 5 Windows 8 PCs. Wow. Talk about a miss. And the Adonit with its pressure sensitive stylus is still considering entering the Windows 8 market.

Other stylus devices like Duo Sense 2 and the Samsung ATIV S2 stylus are targeted for specific Windows 8 machines . And that is the problem.

Microsoft Blows a Huge  Advantage Against Tablets and Apple Macs, Again

Talk about a missed opportunity. For 5 years, Apple has failed to upgrade its MacOS to support touchscreen ops. Sure you have a touch mouse and trackpad almost to prove that Apple is going to be perverse in denying it legion of graphic designers withstylus+touchscreen effectiveness. Ditto for  but a few tablets with styli. CCue again – opportunity beckons.

But when Windows 8 came out last Fall more than half of the PCs and laptops being sold did not support touchscreen operations. No wonder Windows 8 Metro interface did not take off. First after more than 2 years work on the Metro interface, Microsoft’s apps in Windows 8 were certainly not killer apps. Second,  there were no 3rd party Metro style killer apps. And finally,for the icing on the cake,  more than half of the PCs and laptops being sold when Windows 8 debuted did not have touchscreens vital to Metro Style apps. Wow – big miss.

Now, nearly a year later and most laptops and PCs being sold do have touchscreens. And Windows Blue or 8.1 does have some improved Metro apps but still no killer Microsoft or 3rd party Metro App. And just like last year, and despite improvements to pointer and stylus UI in Windows 8.1, there is still no cheap and effective pressure sensitive stylus for Windows 8.  And yet Samsung, currently  the savviest player in consumer electronics, is proving that styli do matter on smartphones, tablets, and now in its Windows 8 convertible tablet – ATIV .Who is the CEO in Redmond ? Oh yeah, its the same  guy who missed and/or could not win in  the iPod consumer media gizmo, iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet markets.


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