Its The Economy By The Stupidly Greedy

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Make America Great Again has a half-life of about 1-2 years at most. Then disastrous economic decision making will have the  Political Fiddler on the Roof calling the End Tune. And nowhere has this become more obvious in the cobbled together, greed and revenge ridden “GOP Tax Plan”. The “Plan” is in quotes because  it was derived in stealth and hasty last minute behind closed doors haggling among the GOP pecuniary pen-stokers while keeping everyone in the dark about what was in or out of their taxes.

But the general failure of the “GOP Tax Plan” is foreshadowed by its continuation of Trickle Down No Sense [check the results of full frontal Trickle Down disaster in “GOP Inspired Kansas Brownbacking”]See additional evidence below:

As well “The GOP Tax Plan” embraces giving proportionally more tax breaks to the wealthy. See here what billionaire investor Tom Steyer says about the stupidity of rewarding the rich with tax cuts:

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