North Korea: China’s Protected Pitbull Terror

This Truthdig cartoon by Dutch illustrator Tom Janssen  encapsulates the true position of China as economic and political protector of the rabid rogue state of North Korea. Despite Chinese many protestations to the contrary, the aspiring new Responsible Nation in Asia  is using North Korea as a military suzerain or puppet state to keep its economic and political opponents [South Korea, Japan, the United State, Taiwan and others] deeply in check.

China’s Declared Position

No war, no instability, no nukes.

From an article in the Washington Post from February 2013, this was the explanation offered by the Chinese for not taking any action against North Korea for its nuclear tests of that time. But this calculated delay only serves Beijing’s purpose – keep attention focused on the Korean peninsula and away from its own percolating aggression in the South China Sea and throughout the South East Asia. While the instability argument that China deeply fears a onrush of Korean migrants into Chinese Manchuria from a collapsing North Korea is almost laughable.

But China and now Russia are keeping North Korea prosperous enough to develop ever more expensive nuclear and missile technology by eluding sanctions with tacitly secret shipments into North Korea of economic lifelines of technology,  food, oil, and money from various illicit sources including North Korean GastArbeiten in Russia and elsewhere. Clearly the declaration of No Nukes is a massive Trumpian fabrication. One has to wonder  whether Beijing had envisioned the full implications of a nuclear North Korea now fortified with intercontinental ballistic missile muscles? Clearly both Beijing and Moscow chose nuclear balance of power mischief over the possibility of nuclear instability. So much for China’s declaration of No Instability.

So now the question of unintended No War consequences hovers behind the scenes – emanating from the Korean peninsula. This exposes the Fundamental Lie in Asia – the New Responsible Nation in Asia is like its WTO membership, a foil for Economic and IP looting to achieve National Redress for falling so far behind the Developed Countries for most of  the 19th and the 20th centuries.

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