North Korea: China’s Protected Pitbull Terror

This Truthdig cartoon by Dutch illustrator Tom Janssen  encapsulates the true position of China as economic and political protector of the rabid rogue state of North Korea. Despite Chinese many protestations to the contrary, the aspiring new Responsible Nation in Asia  is using North Korea as a military suzerain or puppet state to keep its […]

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North Korea: Trumps First Big Success?

After a disastrous last 2 weeks domestically, President Trump may be securing an improbable success in foreign policy with his changes in strategy for dealing with China over North Korea. In the past year with its nuclear detonations and ballistic missile trials, North Korea has become an ever more dangerous player in East Asia.The chances of a

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China Supports North Korean Domestic Atrocities

Why China continues to support North Korea and its crimes against its own people. Chinese officials on Tuesday despite being criticized a United Nations report [this is a must read] that served notice to Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, that he might be personally held liable in court for crimes against humanity committed by state

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The Windows 8 China Test

There is a great deal of coverage of the China’s huge telecom manufacturing firm Huawei  after it received a  bipartisan sanction  from the  US  House Intelligence Committee. But according to diverse sources such as The Economist there is reason for the concern that goes beyond the hidden ownership and connection to the Chinese military including  its espionage group. Huawei

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More Bo Info

Bo Xilai is the displaced  Chinese Communist leader who keeps giving. And in an indirect way he may be opening up China in ways that will be hard for the Communist Party to completely shutdown as 500 million bloggers and the Chinese equivalents of Twitter and Facebook plus the thousands of microsblogs continue to make

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Microsoft and China

Vendor Operating System Rate Microsoft Windows XP 86.38% Windows 7 10.78% Windows Vista 1.62% Windows 2003 0.43% Windows 2000 0.09% Other 0.01% Apple Mac OS 0.52% Linux Linux 0.17% Source:  With the upcoming Windows 8, Microsoft should see a huge increase in revenues from China. Consider that aging and no longer supported Windows XP

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China’s Massive Internet Security Turmoil:Updated

Update:Penn-Olsen, a Chinese Tech watching website is reporting that Chinese Hackers say release of massive amounts of data was just a joke. The data released on the internet last week was already widely available in hacking circles, according to Wan Tao, the founder of a popular hacking online community. Wan told the Dongfang Daily that

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How the Obama Economic Policy Team Came to Shambles

One could see it in the economic policy – so disjointed and just plainly off target – so much help for the banks and financial sector; too little for creating jobs and a business climate of recovery. Now, the NYTimes has done a major story on the people behind it – and one can see

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China View I:

China has become the 2nd largest economy in the World today; and will become the largest if the government and people maintain there pact -“authoritarian one party rule in exchange for rapid economic development”. Takethe5th will link to articles that illuminate the progress China is making towards achieving that end. This first article originates with

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