Why We Are Looking To Replace Adobe Photoshop

The title says it all – Adobe has once again made using Adobe Photoshop 3 impossible:

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This is a replay of the Activation Game we played with Adobe on this same edition of Photoshop as part of Adobe CS3 Suite 2 or 3 years ago. At that time Photoshop would not start as Adobe claimed the activation was not valid. It had been valid up until the outage. An attempt to use the Internet to activate did not work. Activating over the telephone proved difficult but finally was accomplished. Smooth sailing I thought, Adobe once and for all knew I was a legitimate user of Photoshop.

Adobe Cuts off Photoshop Once Again

Two weeks ago, Adobe resumed its actions against my legitimate copy of Photoshop. For a week, Adobe insisted I had to reactivate my copy of Photoshop. There were NO OTHER HELP or EMAILS from Adobe about the problem despite the fact that I have an active Adobe account.  So, every attempt I made to reactivate failed. For example, I tried to  activate over the telephone . But this time  when I called a message said that “Activation over the phone was no longer provided”. So I tried reactivating over the Internet a second time and followed the Adobe “tips”. Of course one was to upgrade to Photoshop CC starting at $9.99 per month. Another tip was to remove and reinstall the program. It did not work.

Nothing Adobe Has Suggested Has Reactivated Photoshop

Springtime is my busy season for Web Design and Development work in Toronto area. So I have had to use other tools like ArtWeaver 4, Photoscape, Pixlr, PaintShop Pro and Xara Photo and Graphic Designer to fill in the gap. In the meantime in the Summer lull I will look fora permanent replacement for Adobe Photoshop and the complete set of CS3 tools. View thePhotoFinishes.com for the latest on that search.

In the meantime if you have encountered this problem with Adobe, have a solution to the reactivation problem or a suggested replacement for Photoshop, please add to the comments below.

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