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On the Brink of the Cliff

“Pick your Poison” The world is on the brink of the cliff in so many harrowing and numbifying ways. Clearly  climate disasters are worldwide, frequent and more costly; while inflation effects augmented by worldwide debt-level risks continue to threaten the foundations of economic stability; and there is the many lingering and lurking Pandemic problems like […]

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Who Is Above The Law?

Donald Trump is  is infamous  for his brazen claim to be above the law. In 2016, Donald Trump famously said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters [1][2], okay?” This statement was made during a campaign rally in Iowa, and was meant to illustrate the

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Damning January 6th Emails

CNN has been carying the torch on the January 6th Commision Investigation. Here is the most chilling installment. Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large (CNN)Buried in a court filing late Wednesday from the January 6 committee is an explosive email exchange between Greg Jacob, a top lawyer for then-Vice President Mike Pence, and John Eastman, a lawyer who

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Putin’s Nuclear Blackmail

With his invasion of Ukraine Vladimir Putin has opened the Era of Nuclear Blackmail The scenes of devastation in Ukraine could be repeated in Eastern Europe, Taiwan, the South China Sea. Anywhere a nuclear armed authoritarian regime [Russia, China, North Korea] wished to impose its will unilaterally on its “adversaries” whether they are nuclear enabled

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Incoming – Political Coverage

For the past decade, my politics and science websites of choice beyond the big influencers [NY Times, Washington Post The Guardian, BBC  and CNN] have been an eclectic and  everchanging mix. Incoming has been Wired,  MIT Technology Review, NPR, and RottenTomatoes. Constants are Politico, TheHill, ChristianScience Monitor, Pixlr/e, Outgoing/infrequently visited sites are TheDailyBeast, TheHuffingtonPost and

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Loyalty to a Traitor

Why remain loyal to a traitor ? The evidence Before, During, After a year of treasonous manipulations are  stunningly awkward for avowed patriots. This allegiance to one whose calculated self interest trumps any and all notions of ethics. or simple good will test adherents’ stomach for betrayal. The Evidence Storm clouds on the validity of

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