Do It Yourself Investing: ValueCruncher

This tool, ValueCruncher, is a personal favorite because from business school days I have always liked to do simple what-if analysis based on my best assumptions for the growth in earnings and revenues for a company. I know Рthis is like NPV-Net Present Value analysis Рsubject to highly variable  assumptions. But that is exactly the purpose of what if analysis.

What is really helpful about ValueCruncher is the fact that it know not only about a stocks current stock prices but also the basic P+L and Balance Sheet data which it automatically retrieves for you. this makes doing projections on a stock’s value very easy to do. Even more helpful, ValueCruncher has a useful getting-started page describing how to use the tool for your specific analyses.¬† In sum, ValueCruncher is a tool that warms the Numeric Beaver in me.