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No smal motto for a 2008 Pulitzer prize-winning business newspaper – this appears to be the last bastion for newspapers in the US as the Web Ubeerall phenomenon picks up steam in the Economic meltdown.

So I thought it would be good to do some Jay Leno-like Street walking where we have altered nothing. This is straight from the IBD editorial page, Decmber 16th issue.

Shoe-Fly Liberty
MidEast: President Bush’s thanks for ousting Saddam Hussein is to have a pair of shoes thrown at him. I Arabs are so ungrateful for our sacrifices in ridding them of tyranny, should we even bother ?

The Day After Inauguration
Climate Change: The Associated Press warns that the new administration won’t have much time to save the planet from a global warming apocalypse. Never mind that the “ticking time bomb” is a dud.
IBD/TIPP Takes Top Honors Again
Election: Now that the ’08 tally is official, we note that for the second election in a row, the IBD/TIPP Pollnot on came closest to the final margin but was right on the money – tantamount to hitting the bullet with a bullet.

Now what makes the last statement interesting is the fact that IBD, in Governor Rod Blagojevich fashion, provides the stats for its own undoing in a table on its editorial page. True IBD got the margin of victory exactly  right. But if you look at the full set of statistics, Obama/Biden %of the vote, McCain/Palin % of the vote and the consequent margin of victory, the Rassmussen polling organization did a better job than IBD because they got the Obama % and McCain % of votes much better than IBD. now I raise this point because IBD seems to be  doing what a lot of businesses are doing – defining the measure of victory or mission accomplishment more narrowly than an ordinary observer would.

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