RTP: Financial Kid Glove Treatment by Obama Admin

In the previous posting, the notion that the Obama Admin is seriously caving in on Financial Reforms has been advanced. An RTP – Required To Prove series of references is needed. Here they are:
DealScape – Says WSJ is fleshing out a story that shows real financial structural reform is out
NYTimes+Deal.com –  discussion of an almost a Martin Luther-like list on how financial reform is falling way short
Felix Salmon at Reuters – points out why SEC is unsalvageable
6 Financial Reform Options – lays out major reform needs and powers working to undermine them
Business Week – examines Obama admin is too busy rescuing finance to reform it
Business Week – House divided on derivative/complex financial instrument  reforms
Yahoo Finance – steep climb ahead for financial reforms
CNN-Money – sees a long summer of Congressional haggling for  Financial reforms
The Economist – describes the financial regulatory sources of resistance as of May 29 2009
This list of readings  might be construed to reflect  the inevitable  confusion and delays associated  with all regulatory reform and the reflection that the US Financial regulators are understaffed and overworked on just keeping the economy and financial markets from derailing again. But the articles at Dealscape, the Economist and Business Week among others are decidedly skeptical about meaningful financial reforms, especially in the US. I think this is close to QED; but this posting will be updated over the summer.

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