An Approach to Open Source

Open Source Software has , as any who are involved know, a dual edge to the sword. It delivers great range and depth to how problems , especially in programming can be solved. But on the other hand its money making model is down right monastic. Open Sourcers in programming for example can charge a nominal download fee for maintaining acess to resources – but most don’t. Revenues are to be made from training, support, and future directions/priorities[this latter is not accepted in many Open Source circles].

So how to do you deliver Open Source  and still make money? Consider the following:

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Action Methods have taken a novel approach – mobile and Web based facilities are free but offline processing and consumables are charged for. This approach couples tangible products and services with real PC software. The approach is not unique but it is the first I have seen so well thought through. Just another way to make Open Source and Free on the Web¬† monetizable. The last company confronting this enigma – Google with its search service. Here is a non-advertsiing approach to the problem of making Open Source pay to its providers. As Open Source and its freeware variants continue to spread [and they will do so as long as governments allow “cut off the oxygen” monopolists to persist],making money under the Open Regime will continue spread and develop new moneymaking buds and fruits.

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