ShootOut at the IT Corral

The Big Fall ShootOut at the IT Corral

Listen up folks, specially you Stock Investors looking for Big Gains – they is going to be a big and bloody ShootOut at the IT Corral this Fall. And them thar Whipper Snappers are in such a fowl mood this BloodBath may continue write to the Winter. And there be Big Guns showing up. BigBad Ballmer armed with a DoubleBarreled ShotGun of MonopolyProfits and WinDoze7 on October 22. BigBad is determined to do in SnakeEyes Jobs whose iDidTheTabletRighttheFirstTime is due a month earlier – we will see who has the iMagicTouch. But BigBad Ballmer will already have unloosed some dastardly MonopolyProfit shots at SnakeEyes with BigPCLaptops [12″ screen, 160GB hard drive, 2GHz CPU, 2++GB of Memory] – these spitballs can be had for $299. Hahaha to MacBooks selling for $900 and lots more. And the GoofleBoyz [Larry, Sergi, and Eric] with their AceAsianSideKicks, the TieOneOn Gang, will be scattering ChromeOS NetBooks, Android Smartphones, and then Android Netbooks all over the IT Corral for $299 and a lot less. And then those sneaky rascals, the Tightwad Telcos will be taking potshots with selected GoofleBoyz and TieOneOn Netbooks and Smartphones for FREE [just a slight matter of being indebted to your favorite Tightwad Telco for 2-3 years or life as the case may be]. ¬†And the HPeers are sure to whizz about their MininMite Notebooks while Wooly Walmart and Badacious BestBuy are in on the shooting and haggling with ever lower prices. ¬†Finally, BabyFace Blackberry Balsillie will show up – and all Help will break loose as every Desperado at the IT Corral fires a KillerShot at BabyFace – even MicroNokia will be spitting at BabyFace. In shorts, as every WalledStreet Fool can see – there will be a lot of RedInk shed during the ShootOut at the IT Corral.

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