Google Gets Binged – Markets Are Working

Google is out again with much more Bing-like Search Results
Since November 2009 Google has from time to time been changing its interface for Search results – and clearly what I have experienced is now out in the wild again according to SearchEngineLand. And the new interface is very nice indeed – it brings Advanced Search Options right onto the left sidebar on the page making it much simpler to do a “down and dirty” detail search. Also from the screen shot it is easier to have large thumbnails displayed with the the search results. And there is a grouping of search results into a natural block – as all of the PCWorld articles on broadband speed test are grouped and categorized. I like the ability to quickly change the time history of the search.

But many users tell me having the various different Viewports like Timeline and Wonder Wheel handy is most useful. I agree and really like the fact that all the Google attractions such as Maps, Translate, News are tied into the immediate search just done. This is very useful. But regardless of what strikes your fancy and how Google finally decide [or lets customers decide] how their UI layout for Search Results are going to look – clearly Google has been Binged. And so the yet again there is a demonstration of how the Markets Are Working.

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