Google Books: When the Dust Settles

Google Books efforts to scan “all the books fit to print” has had a stormy history. The book publishers sued and the settlement took 3 years to work out. But now that all parties seemed satisfied it seems that all parties are NOT satisfied. But what could be better than a little intellectual fisticuffs in the literary world? Well when some pretty big Monopolistic pans in the Book and Info Worlds call the Google Pot a Blackass hegemonist, well the stew she is boiling . I tend to agree with the TechCrunchers, this is a Teapot Tempest of Hypocritical Proportions.

In the long run, Google Books will rise and fall on how well it meets users needs. I think the interface could use some Bing-like help. But so far its a step ahead of what Amazon and the other book sellers give you; but still a bit less than what I expected. You decide. Try Google Books looking up say Northanger Abbey or Descartes Error: Emotions, Reason and the Human Brain. Decide for yourself what you think of the service .

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