Apache License, Google and Meego Layers, Linux Triumphs

It is worthwhile point out that Google’s Apache-licensed Android is seen both by Gartner and comScore as one of the fastest growing smartphone OS. And in case you are wondering there is a flood of new Android and Chrome OS based devices reaching the market this summer and fall. And Intel + Nokia with MeeGo are also adopting Apache-like ┬álicensing that allows proprietary extensions:

In particular, the requirement is to use licenses compatible with the OSI Open Source definition and use the software and licenses in a way that enables proprietary extensions. Users of MeeGo should be able to differentiate their MeeGo based commercial products by adding proprietary extensions on all layers of the architecture. Yet the whole MeeGo platform software available from MeeGo.com should be fully open source.

This is the new Hybrid Open Model that is taking shape in technogy development. The ┬áresult is that Linux, after years of being unable to crack into PC client market with Microsoft having so many hardware drivers and software applications – Linux is doing very well thank you in the new emerging markets of smartphones, tablets, slates and light/mobile pads. As noted above Android is doing very well and MeeGo has delivered solid beta code and will appear on phone and tablet devices starting in late 2010 and early 2011.

Now this is the same time frame as Windows Phone 7. So while Apple, Google and RIM dual out at the top end it will be interesting to see how well Meego does against Microsoft Phone 7. ┬áBoth will be without huge app libraries – so it will be hardware integration and the range of core software apps that will determine how these two OS will fare.

However, with Google Android and Chrome OS plus Intel+Nokia MeeGo, Linux will finally see market share to match its light weight and often superior performance.

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