Mayor Bloomberg for Republican Presidential Candidate

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Mayor Bloomberg has done the Dance of Denial at least twice on David Letterman – so no way you say. Besides the Mayor’s embracing of many issues such gay rights, immigration reform and stricter gun control would appear to be the kiss of death for any ascendancy in the G.O.P. But hold on a second. With Tucson AZ, the country may be shifting away from the NRA extreme positions, especially on the right to bear automatic arms as weapons. And the recent Dont-Ask-Dont Tell reversal along with expanding Gay Marriage acceptance in the states may be indicators of a policy position on the big decline. And finally, the G.O.P. needs to reverse its estrangement from the Latin community – and so a few small deals like DREAM on immigration would help immeasurably.

But the real Mike Bloomberg advantage is the traditional, bread and butter G.O.P. strengths – fiscal responsibility and taking prudent steps to provide good governance. And this is just what the Nation is thirsting for and came up a cropper with President Obama – especially regarding jobs and fairness of opportunity. True a G.O.P. NO obstructionism has contributed mightily to Obama`s demise. But Mayor Bloomberg could inherit the Can Do mantle especially when he gets the NYC streets ploughed. Finally, Mayor Bloomberg certainly would have the support of the financial community.

Finally look at the train wreck of G.O.P. presidential candidates. Romney Grasping, Palin as Simple Siren, Huckabee as Homebody Huckster, Pawlenty as Worm Tongue, etc. These gals and guys are hardly truly presidential timber. They have been importing their party’s current policy of divisiveness and vitriol into their implicit campaigns. These variations on Hardly Can Do would ensure another 4 years of having to destroy Obama or the next Democratic President. Mike Bloomberg would bring a return to the old G.O.P. ideal that Business and Government ┬ácan and do work together. This would be key to reestablishing the G.O.P. Presidential Dynasty.

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