Ronald Reagan: Two Views

Here are two views of President Ronald Reagan that were offered on the Sunday News Morning Shows. One, Meet the Press on NBC consciously lionizes Reagan. There are no analytical or moderating opinions here:

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The other, on Need to Know on PBS presents a more in depth view of  Reagan.

“I think Reagan is many things,” Jarecki tells Jon Meacham. “And the thing you can never say about Reagan is, ‘Well, this is what he was.’ ‘Cause as soon as you say that, it’s like whack-a-mole. He’s over here, and he turns out to be something totally different. So people who want to say that Reagan is a puppet of anyone absolutely would miss the boat on how incredibly smart, driven and really how much he was the engineer of his extraordinary life.”

Ye editor will let readers decide which is a more fair and balanced view of the man [no Fox News disrespect intended].

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