Health Insurance Study Exercise

Health Insurance rates are rising by double digits. The Insurers and the Obama administration both say its not due to the Healthcare Reform laws – most of the provisions do not start until 2012 or later. So what is the reason for the price increases – non-shared sacrifice? Well a Google query may have the answers:

  1. big boosts in premiums for health insurance |

    20 Feb 2011 –  health insurers intend to raise premiums on average by double digits for next year Univera Healthcare wants to raise rates by 5.4 percent for its…/health/…/big-boosts-in-premiums-for-healthinsurance/ – Cached
  2. Study points out big healthinsurer gains – MarketWatch

    3 days ago – Carriers’ 2010 profits grew by double digits despite new legislation cope with rising health costs in a tough economy, healthinsurance companies are continuing to  for many years has been content to let these costs rise without negotiating effectively, ….Mexico’s peso slips as interest rate holds steady…/study-points-out-big-health-insurer-gains-2011-03-03Cached – Add to iGoogle
  3. Health Insurance Puzzle – Rising Premiums, Shrinking Coverage

    1 day ago – “You won’t really address the cost of health insurance unless you  said his company had experienced doubledigit increases in premiums for seven years, even as benefits were whittled back.  Op-Ed: Arabs Rise, Tehran Trembles 

This is a complete-the-question exercise for readers. Hints in yellow are provided. There will be a Quiz. Extra points for comments and analysis.

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