The Lure of Charlie Sheen

There is an almost obscene lure for all things Charlie Sheen as “he implodes on national TV” as a breathless TV commentator so thoughtfully intones. Ye Editor could not understand. Okay, 2 1/2 is not my cup of TV. But apparently Charlie Sheen and all his “I am the victim of all these ┬áTV magnate machinations” is for a lot of people. And given the current National episodes of Banksters -Social Welfare Queens Get Off Scott Free maybe there is more to this than meets my TV eye.

Then I chanced upon an article by Ann Holmes in the NYTimes – The Disposable Woman. Bingo. This is the David Letterman insight, for better for worse, into whats going on. Looks like CBS has had this problem before – I bet Moonves finds a way to keep the pig on the shtick.

Check out the kool photo-graphic of the Sheen scene by Ruth Gwily

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