Humor Had a Good Year: April Fools 2011

Maybe its the dire economic and political news, but this years April Fool jokes and spoofs on the Web appear to be vintage quality. And that is a high Testament to Foolishness because despite the Web’s seeming pervasiveness , only one Web-originated April Fools prank has cracked the the top 30 in the list of 100 best April Fools pranks [see the BBC Penguin video below. By the way the BBC is a major April Malarkey Source].

Here are some of the best we have found scouring the Web for this year. For example, this spa oriented spoof tickled ye Editor’s funny bone:

Living Social has the discount coupons for a protein-packed pate facial plus other porcine beauty aids. Are they implying their rivalĀ Group-on is going too far with its spoof?

Google is active and hilarious again this year with some nifty spoofs at Microsoft’s expense:

And Google Doc Motion is in the same vein – speaking of which check out all the veins in Google Cow [best viewed with Chrome or Firefox]. And don’t missout on Google’s Voice new Voice-alyser which checks your voice for indications of incapacitation and prevents … uhhh unintended embarrassments. If you get the idea that Google is prolific in putting out great April Fools spoofs – check this list out for some of Google’sBest Spoofs for April 1 2011.

Game Sites are all over the First of April with HootSuite Happy Owls and Razor’s Talon. However, a shot above the others is Altassian’s Angry Nerds:

Yesthis steels a lot from Angry Birds but also tells a story about Altassian’s project management and development software prowess.

For those into music scene, this spoof by Funnie or Die – Betwixt the Music: Rebecca Black hits all the high notes right below the beltings:

Highly recommended!

Canada’s WestJet has one of those 1st Fools Zingers that is plausible and fun:

Even the lead up is all Business Class and part of the Media section on site.

Finally the NYTimes and Huffington Post are tossing stones at each other but my pick is the HuffinPuffin Post for this LOL shot at the Venerable NYTimes:

This one is an absolutely delicious barb. So the fun of April Fools goes beyond testing readers gullibility but as can be seen above in the case of Gmail Motion and HuffPost Subscription Fees, its an opportunity to mock rivals – “all in good fun”. And the quality this year is quite good on the mocking side but a little more stretched for the gullibility side. And so the top 100 list may get one or two Web breakthroughs into the top 100 – but there is a very high standard of humor there.

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