Wisconsin on a Recall Roll

Taketh5th has just covered the several recall petitions for Wisonsin GOP Senators and Representatives that is going forward after the legislature removed government unions rihts to negotiate. Now the recall movement is taking on another target, The US Supreme Court. Two districts in Wisconsin have approved referenda that call for amending the US Constitution to strike down the Supreme Courts ruling that corporations are “people” and money is equivalent to “speech”. Voting in recalls and referenda is notoriously fickle and subject to differences in procedures in the various states. So by no means are either the recall or the Supreme Court constitutional amendment assured of anything other than 15 minutes of fame. However, the fact that referenda were successful surely has caught the eye of political savvy set in Washington. Ye Editor is hoping the biggest long shot, the Constitutional Amendment correcting the Supreme Courts worst decision in decades, does take on ┬ámomentum and rolls on.

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