GOP Unanimity in NO

It is very puzzling how the Republican Party can maintain so much party discipline and consistently obtain so many unanimous all no votes in both Houses of Congress. Perhaps the recent dismissal of Republican Analysts David Frum from the AEI-American Enterprise Institute may shed some light on this incredible solidarity in GOP voting. One  current take is that the Republican Party is now going through a conservative thought-purity purge.  Certainly that view has some legs as John McCain has learned to his dismay – ultra -conservative views dominate the GOP right now. But return to the David Frum firing and the bare bones point to the Supreme Court’s Money = Free Speech decision.  Lots of GOP Money is determined to talk loud and clear all the way to the  Congressional elections this Fall. But given the fractious and plutocratic nature of that messaging, there may be some broad based incumbent surprises and reversal of fortunes – and they may not be just among the Democrats.

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