Republican Pundits Find Their Voices

In an importnat posting in the DailyBeast
Republican pundit David Frum takes direct aim at the NRA for their attack ads against Obama and daughters in the name of the NRA’s Armed Guards in Schools. This is the nasty swill that permeated the Presidential election  and which  an electorate  in bipartisan fashion  has rejected  for going well beyond civil decency.

But Frum goes beyond the malvolent message making  and attacks the NRA Armed Guards in Schools proposal for the folly it is. It is a case of a Republican finding voice against the party’s extreme faction that keeps the GOP such a dismaying proposition for a growing number people[see Presidential election results]. This is not the first time for Frum, his book Why Romney Lost

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is one of the first and best Republican analysis of what happened to the GOP  in the Presidential election.

But david Frum is not alone. Republican pundits Joe Scarborough and Matthew  Dowd have been seen on the Sunday talk shows offering really solid alternatives for GOP policy rather than saccharine presecriptions of just 1/2 year ago. And conservative David Brooks  at the NYTimes is offering up this assessment of President Obama’s inauguration speech and assigns clear culpability on the Fiscal Cliff showdown to Republicans. And even that “cool-as-there-is-no-climate-change” Conservative  George Will, astonished liberal Robert reich with his argument that the Big US  Banks should be broken up.

This reasoned Debate is long overdue for the Republican Party. With the likes of Rush Limbaugh, the Fox New Cheerleaders,  Anne Coulter, and Pastor Pat Robertson among others  leading the Hot and Hateful Parade to Terrorist-like Nihilism and Irrationality ….  rethinking not just policy, but also language and message bearers is essential for the Grand Old Party.

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