The Only Thing Uniting the GOP Now is “Get Obama”

Ye Editor has previously put forward the idea that the GOP is coming apart at the seams and the  only thing uniting the Republican party is the notion of making Obama a one term President. Now that the split in the House between the two factions in the GOP has become an open festering  wound as the Tea Party dismisses dismissal of all thing John Boehner and the old GOP establishment. So for unity sake the GOP cling to  a unity cry of “Get Obama”. Hence the stridency and irrationality in what the GOP is proposing in the Debt Ceiling Debate.

The only thing the GOP can cling to as a unifying leit motif  is to get rid of  President Obama regardless of tactics. But  even then they can barely agree on how to turn the screws to him. So do expect the GOP to continue to play chicken on the Default, continue to have their legion of propaganda mouths and Fox Propaganda Network  filling the air waves with “Job Creators”, as the new names for  Wall Street and Fortune 100 Top Executives,  being thwarted by President Obama’s intransigence on the debt despite giving 3 times as much as the GOP has, and continue to have complete amnesia as to which Presidents[yes, the Republican Presidents  almost exclusively] amassed at least 91% of the current deficit.

Also expect Republican  Senator John Kyl-like lies about who bears the current tax burdenthese charts show the total actual taxes paid – not income tax rates before loopholes and exemptions taken by the wealthy who largely are the only beneficiaries able to qualify to  take the major tax breaks. And also expect the Republicans to denounce the Democrats as “tax and spend” where it is GOP Presidents that have done the most grievous spending without collecting any taxes or cutting offsetting spending. In sum, the GOP is depending on the fact that they have in the past and  can continue to hoodwink and dupe the public on who has been the better caretakers of the Public Purse. Now more than ever before, Republicans qualify for the Pogo wicked humor in all its meanings  – “we have met  the Enemy and they is us”.


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