GOP Smells Blood, Targets Obama

If you thought the S&P downgrading of the US debt would persuade Washington to call off its bitter “unforced errors” of grisly partisan politics – wrong, Wrong, WRONG.
The belligerents are still at it and the GOP are the alpha attack dogs because disgracing and defeating President Obama is the only thing that unites the Grand Old Party. Three pieces of evidence:
1)House Speaker Boehner blamed President Obama for the downgrade ignoring yet again the GOP record for creating 90% of the debt burden in the first place. Yes, the weasels now want to guard the deficit chicken coop.
2)House Speaker Boehner called for the resignation of Treasury Secretary Geithner – strike at the inner Cabinet circle to further weaken the President.
3)The Sunday news talks shows like  This Week and MeetThePress  showed the parties talking past each other and the ‘Blame Obama Game’ in full tilt.
The only thing that will stop this bickering is when the stock markets plunge another 10% a nd business gets serious about jobs. Or when the Iowa straw poll and other Presidential election events start to occur and the vicious internecine warfare causes the GOP to start to come apart.

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