GOP: We are the Super Dupers

The most interesting item heard on NBC’s Meet the Press and ABC’s This Week was the fact that both parties were working towards a 4PM Sunday deal so that the Asian stock markets which are at 9AM Monday time did not spike downwards because of the continued US Debt Ceiling Gridlock . It shows where Washington’s priorities are – do not rattle the stock markets. Of course no deal was reached, no debt ceiling proposals emerged and the Asian markets were broadly up except for Japan.

This “no jitters in Asian stock markets” is of interest  to intransigent Republican Tea Party members who believe the US can default on its debt without any catastrophic consequences. This means the the debt ceiling gridlock will likely continue to a default  because Republicans believe in their hearts of hearts that a)they have managed to palm off entirely  the blame  for the current deficits from the past 3 past Republican presidents and onto President Obama [“hey, Americans do lousy in history and math” – overheard at a Republican conference]. And b)in the Nastiest of Blame Games that is current Washington Politics, the GOP believe that they  have the best TV propaganda network and the meanest mealy-mouths in the business[WWE eat your hearts out]. The public are dupes and We GOP are the Super Dupers.

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