Shrill Shills

There is  a tsunami of mindless pap that permeates the Media Beacon  – call it the Shrill Shills. These dual edge headlines perched atop every story  are  designed to  capture attention for 15 seconds or however long it takes to imbibe 140 characters of  mass communications. But the shills are craving more than attention these days. These media rhyming barkers have a long tongued history – Yellow Journalism of a century ago was itself a hundred year art of yanking eyeballs and heads your way. But there is a modern twist – a new unnormal.  Todays shrill shills are designed as tattle tests as much as attention grabbers. Now the shill skill in demand is the ability to  test how far one can dupe and deceive. And no  more so than in the reporting the financial markets. Lurking in the crashing crush of too much and too complex information are skilled shills designed to test gullibility and suggest “new normals”.  Flash Crashes Inevitable or Oil Spills on Speculators – and its all just a matter of opinion.  So the the new SEO shill skill is how can one slip slide into the media stream new normal notions designed to dupe.Ye Editor used to just laugh at the bilk blurbs spouted at why the stock markets moved – now my mind is alert to the “mine fools gold  games” as fleecers are out flogging in full force – out to prove that you can fool some of the people all of the time and its well worth the while.

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