Payscale’s Economic Widget

[js] [/js] Payscale offers a number of  economic and employment savvy widgets for inclusion on your website. The following is an example; just fill in the data with fictitious values to see how it works. Be prepared for an ugly surprise; like a Bankster offering you a low, low mortgage interest rate and not telling you it resets in 6 months, Payscale’s widget has an ugly surprise.

Cost of Living Difference Calculator

This is a cost of moving calculator for any two points in the US. It is useful, but as a website provider this is not as attractive at all.

The Reason is simple. PayScale’s widgets pull users away from your website to Payscale and in the worse possible way. Instead of displaying the data on your site, Payscale does not create a new browser page but replaces your website with their results. Not a winning formula.

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