Why is Marketwatch’s David Weidner Calling Diamond and Krugman Sissies?

Why is Marketwatch’s David Weidner calling Peter Diamond and Paul Krugman Sissies? Is he envious of their respective Nobel Economics Prizes or has the Partisan Congressional Rancor and Name-calling spilled over into the Financial Press? Is Marketwatch becoming the Fox News tough guy affiliate for New Corp common parent? Does David want Jon Friedman’s job at marketwatch? Oh and by the way, why ,in the long list political appointees showing the Red Badge of Confirmation-hearing Courage, does David omit the prime case of courage and resilience under the fire of Congressional Wrath …. uhh, approval – Elizabeth Warren tentative head of CFPB-Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Ms. Warren has had to run the Congressional gauntlet numerous times. Again a Fifth of the stiff stuff to anyone who can guess why due journalistic decorum was abandoned and Weidner foamed mightily ¬†at the mouth.

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