Business Disruptions and Management

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If you have been in the airline,  media or electronics business in the past 10 years you have experienced Business Disruption’s accelerated pace.
 Check the Business RIP notices at Wikipedia. But the following articles in Forbes about the impending  and ongoing demise  of  Sony, Best Buy and Eastman Kodak in the face of the best of MBA and  Business Management practices is sobering. Are companies with charismatic leaders more prone to failure? Is it worthwhile to pay 300-500 times the average salary of a company’s workers  in the hopes of getting the charismatic leadership of an Akio Morita or Steve Jobs? Or is the rate  of change now outpacing the best of managers? If Wall Street is any guide, the Random Walk Theory of Investment would imply that over an ever shorter time period  getting and keeping a superior manager [or stock] is an inherently  losing business.

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