Monday’s Reads

The weekend produced the usual crop of great reads. Here are 4 that captured our attention:
NYTimes, Paul Krugman – Why Elect Mitt, We Already Have a Failing Republican Economy
Salon, Horowitz and Wakefield – “All We have to FEAR” looks candidly at the 20 fold rise in Anxiety disorders in modern life.
TheNewYorker, Amy Davidson – “The War on Nuns, Two Womn Go To Rome” documents the Catholic Church’s attack on Nun’s who a)don’t support the official anti-gay marriage or anti-contraception positions of the Church and instead advocate for more effort to rescue social welfare programs being cut by cash strapped local and fedral agencies.
Marketwatch, John Dvorak – Reviewing the latest Windows 8 final Preview Release. John is short, sweet and sour – “Its a Joke”
Bon Appetit!

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